Avoiding Common Door Lock Installation Errors

By: Admin Sep 22, 2022

Door lock installation is a frequent security measure that homeowners take. It is usually done when moving into a new home or replacing a loose door latch or door knob. If you're planning to install a new door lock, avoid the following blunders:

Purchasing Substandard Locks


Buying a cheap door lock may not appear to be a major concern at first. However, it's crucial to realize that inferior door locks are easier to pick than more expensive but more robust door locks. Furthermore, these locks are less durable and may cause you to experience a variety of door lock troubles in the long run. To safeguard your safety, always get a high-quality door lock, such as a professional-grade lock, smart digital door locks, or a strong deadbolt.

Measuring The Door Incorrectly


Failure to properly measure your door may make it difficult to close once the door lock is mounted. As a result, it's recommended to measure it from the unveiled side to assure accuracy.

that the lock is properly angled Otherwise, the door lock may end up being placed incorrectly, preventing the door from locking properly.

Misaligning the Lock


One common error made by homeowners when installing or replacing a door lock is wrongly situating the deadbolt or door knob. In fact, many people only realize this after the lock has been screwed in. It is therefore critical to verify that your lock is properly orientated to avoid it from locking from the opposite side. If you are having trouble with this process, you can hire an inexpensive handyman to help you.

Installing Digital Locks Without Proper Knowledge

Digital locks have surely become popular in recent years, owing to their high level of security. However, few homeowners understand how to correctly install them, and many overlook the intricate processes involved. If you want to install such a model in your home, you should hire a skilled handyman.

Disregarding Weather Conditions

It is vital to take note of current weather conditions when installing or altering a door lock. This is because extreme weather fluctuations might cause your doors to deform, making them impossible to lock. If you live in a Singapore location with high humidity or damp circumstances, it's better to invest in weatherproof door locks that don't require a lot of door repair servicing.

Drilling Door Holes Incorrectly

Boring holes into your door are usually required when installing a door lock. Many homeowners, however, fail to complete this step appropriately. Begin drilling the holes for the door locks from the inside until the centerpiece of your drill protrudes through the door. After that, flip sides and repeat the process. This guarantees that the door sustains minimum damage and does not splinter. If you continue to have problems, don't be afraid to seek help from handyman drilling services.

 There's no need to be concerned about door lock problems because they're pretty prevalent. If you chance to encounter any, simply contact an experienced handyman for assistance. Please see our price list for additional information on the many door repair services we offer.