Broken Key Extraction

By: Admin Sep 27, 2022

Have you ever experienced being frustrated because your car key is broken inside the ignition? Making your car unusable and useless. What to do now?

Let us tackle first the reasons why Car Keys break inside your ignition.

Why Do Car Keys Break? 

There are numerous reasons why automobile keys break. These keys are constructed of metal and can withstand a great deal of damage and misuse. Their parts, however, deteriorate and finally break over time. Exposure to exceptionally high and low temperatures can also have an impact on the metal's strength and stability. Finally, any damage to the door lock or ignition can shatter your key if you force it to turn.

Why You Should Have Your Broken Key Extract by a Professional?

You might be tempted to go save money and just search for any solutions on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Don't worry, it's fine and much cheaper, but you better be aware that a slightly wrong procedure might damage your car's ignition more.

Pulling the Fragment Might Ruin Your Ignition

Any personal attempt to extract the key fragment risks exacerbating the situation by further damaging the keyway.

Dokey Locksmith Technicians Are Professionally Trained

A professional automotive locksmith has the tools and knowledge required to extricate a broken automobile key. They can evaluate whether the key fragment can be extracted or whether the complete ignition or door lock must be replaced.

To Save Time and Money

You will save time and money by having your key extracted by a skilled locksmith. If you make a mistake when pulling out the key, the only alternative option is to have the entire ignition or car door lock fixed. Such repairs are typically more expensive than a simple broken key extraction.

Key Extractor Tools for Key Extraction

When our specialists arrive to assist you, we will use our key extractor tools to resolve this issue. We have many years of experience, so this process is simple and easy for us. The extraction of your broken or stuck key from your lock or ignition should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes. This is entirely dependent on the nature of your key's situation, and whether it is simply stuck or the blade has broken off and is lodged deep within the lock. We will need to give you a spare key after removing your key in order for you to properly lock and unlock it in the future. We can provide you with multiple copies in case this problem occurs again in the future. This way, you won't have to worry about losing a key and having to replace it when we can make you extras.

If you worry about spending too much money because of your broken key, well, you're in luck! Dokey Locksmith Services provides cheap and affordable assistance because our company's goal is not to gain wealth, but to gain trust from the customers by helping them with their lock-related problems. If you need help extracting your broken key, just call Dokey!