Car Key Replacement

By: Admin Sep 27, 2022

Whether you like it or not, there are unfortunate times when you wake up from a deep sleep, then you check your phone, and boom! You realize that you are late! Being late for school or work can be aggravating and stressful. A missing key is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you. As a result, having a spare key can be useful in situations like this.

What Are Some of the Most Common Type of Car Keys?

It's always a good idea to have a spare car key, no matter what type of car key your vehicle uses. With so many different types of automotive keys available, having a basic understanding of the differences between the most common types can be beneficial.

Car Key Fobs

Car key fobs are standard features on many modern vehicles. These car keys have an internal transmitter or remote and are the primary devices used in keyless entry systems.

Traditional Keys

Basic car keys are typically found on older models and do not necessitate specialized encoding. They are usually inexpensive to make and can be cut from a variety of different key blanks.

Laser-cut Keys

These car keys have slightly thicker shanks and less carved out grooves than standard keys. Laser-cut keys have transponder chips built in that must be programmed for the specific vehicle.

Benefits of Having a Spare Key

Here we provide a list of benefits of having a spare key that might pursue you to get one from Dokey Locksmith Services.

Access to Your Keys Locked Inside Your Car

One of the benefits of having a spare car key is that it allows you to gain access if you accidently lock your primary key. You can quickly open your automobile and retrieve your keys if you have a backup key.


One of the reasons you need a spare car key is for convenience. Having a spare key will save you the trouble of having to tow your automobile into a dealer's garage. You will also not have to wait for an auto locksmith to arrive. There will be no more hassles or tension to cope with.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Having an extra key provides peace of mind. If you have spare keys, you won't be concerned if you misplace your original keys. It also provides a backup alternative. If you are running late, you can grab the spare key instead of fretting about where you can get another key.

Did we pursued you? If yes, then great! If ever you need Car Key Replacement, don't hesitate to contact Dokey Locksmith Services and we will provide you the best service experience you've ever had!