Door Knob Replacement

By: Admin Sep 22, 2022

Every one of us has used a door knob at some point. It's as simple as turning the door knob (which retracts the latch) and pushing or pulling the door open. Nobody thinks about how they work or why they are such a crucial part of a door's physical security.


The First Point Of Contact

A door knob is the first point of contact the door has with the frame.

Most doors that have a door knob installed, have a deadbolt lock above it. If it does not, your door may be at risk – but please visit our deadbolt installation page for more information on that subject. The actual door “latches” because of the door knob. Without that door knob, your door would open or shut with the slightest of breezes! It is an incredibly simple, but extremely important door component.

 Door Knobs Have Different Functions Including:

Entry - A door knob with an inside button and key access on the outside.

Storeroom - A door knob on the inside with no button and key access on the outside.

Privacy — This door knob, which is commonly found in bathrooms, has a button on the inside but does not require a key on the outside and can be opened with anything long enough to fit in the hole.

Passage — A non-locking door knob that latches but does not lock the door.

 It is critical to select the appropriate door knob for your door and conditions. While certain lesser-grade locks available at hardware stores may be adequate for inside doors, you must ensure that your exterior doors are secure. Invest in your security by contacting The Flying Locksmiths to obtain the highest quality hardware available for your budget.


Possible Causes For Door Knob To Break

  • Over time, the screws became stripped. Stripped screws cannot hold a knob or handle in place because they cause the handle to loosen.


  • The knob or handle is ancient or has not been properly maintained. Old knobs and handles become loose due to dirt and grime buildup within the locking mechanism. The lock mechanism may fail simply because the lock is dusty or dry and need graphite lubrication (do not use any type of oil because this will gum up the works). A poorly fitting door may be the cause of a malfunctioning latch.


  • A lack of screws is one of the most common reasons for loose knobs and handles. To remain secure and tight, knobs and handles require all screws to be present and working.

Advantages Of Hiring A Dokey Locksmith For Your Door Knob

  • Broad Expertise - Installing, altering, or removing door knobs and handles, like installing a wall shelf, necessitates the use of many specialized tools. A number of procedures are also involved in the installation process. Inadequate knowledge of these instruments and methods may result in incorrectly installed door knobs and handles. Fortunately, employing an expert can easily avoid this. They are more than capable of identifying the right equipment and following the correct processes to install your hardware quickly and efficiently due to their experience and training in door knob and door handle installations.


  • Professional Workmanship -
    A great deal of skill is required to install a door knob or handle securely, just as it is with other types of hardware installations such as door lock installations. Otherwise, it may become trapped or loose, which is exceedingly inconvenient.


  • Prevention of Unwanted Damage - Aside from the harm caused by faulty installation, installing a door knob or handle without the assistance of a professional may also result in serious damage. It is best to avoid such damages because they can be rather expensive to fix. Rather than doing it yourself, you can save money by hiring a professional, such as a handyman, to install your door knobs and handles. Their expertise will ensure that your home door hardware is properly placed. This is also one of the advantages of employing a handyman.


  • Time and Cost Efficiency - 
    The time and money required to change door locks, door knobs, or door handle yourself are two factors to consider. Without proper skill, DIY door knob and handle installation can be highly time-consuming and costly. You will need to buy the relevant supplies and research the installation processes. Furthermore, you are more prone to make mistakes that will be costly to correct.


If you have any problem with your door knob, don't hesitate to call Dokey! Contact us for some real and professional assistance, we will serve you right away. Trust your key with Dokey!