Key Fob Replacement

By: Admin Sep 27, 2022

Today's Key Fobs do little more than unlock and start a car. They serve as both convenient devices and a significant deterrent to theft. However, Key Fob Replacement is a problem.

Because of their complexity, they are costly to replace if you lose or break your car Key Fob. The days of having a local locksmith cut a new key are long gone. 

In some cases, the only way to replace a car key is to pay hundreds of money at a dealership. Dokey Locksmith Services is the first locksmith company that must appear in your mind. Why? because we offer the cheapest Key Fob Replacement!

Types of Car Keys and Fobs

There are numerous types of car keys. Older keys, typically from the mid-1990s or earlier, are simple to replace. Anything newer will necessitate a little more effort.

A Simple Key


The keys that started cars built for the better part of a century, like the key that opens your door, are plain cut metal. Newer vehicles may have a chip embedded in the plastic key head that communicates with a transponder located in the instrument panel, but even these are often relatively simple for a locksmith to program.

A Key With a Remote Fob

In the late 1990s, keyless entry became commonplace. At the touch of a button, these systems can unlock or lock the car, and possibly even arm an alarm. To start the vehicle, insert the key into the ignition. The metal key and the remote are sometimes combined into a single switchblade-style unit. This key fob type is still used in pickups and SUVs such as the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Maverick, and Toyota 4Runner.

A Single Fob For Access and Starting

You've probably seen these keychains before. Although these fobs appear to be missing a key, they actually do. Select of these are rather appealing, such as the leather-wrapped fob that comes standard with some Volvo vehicles. In most circumstances, these key fobs can be stored in a pocket or bag for both access and starting.

Key Fob Programming

Every dealer we spoke with indicated they won't program a key fob until you come in and present evidence of ownership or registration.

This level of security is advantageous since it prevents a would-be thief from writing down your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and obtaining a new key fob from a dealer.

Some locksmiths may program special keys, but they will almost certainly require a second, working fob to do so. Online sites that advertise programmed remotes mailed to your door may not be trustworthy unless they request ownership verification, so shop wisely.


Don't panic if you observed that your Key Fob is not acting normal or is defective, always keep in mind that Dokey Locksmith Services is always here for you 24/7! If you need our assistance for Key Fob Replacement, don't be shy to call our company so that we can offer you an affordable and high-quality service with our professional technician. Is there a problem with your key? Trust Dokey with your key!