Residential Locksmith Services

By: Admin Sep 22, 2022

it is all of our responsibility to keep our house secure. When you have doorknob problems and don't want to pay for professional assistance from "locksmiths," you may think you can solve them by watching and following the steps on YouTube. People with this mindset may damage their doorknob more.

 Your home is supposed to be a safe haven where only you and your loved ones are permitted to enter. You have your family and valuables inside, and you don't want anyone barging in uninvited.


 If you experience a house lockout You might feel panic and stress once you experience it and you don't have a spare key with you. In this situation, you must call an emergency locksmith to open your home lock. Some people don't call professionals to open their doors for them. Instead, they do it by themselves, causing more damage to their door.




Replacing the keys on a lock without changing the lock is known as rekeying. Dokey Locksmith services technicians match the key pins and springs inside your lock with a new key, rendering all previous keys worthless. This is the most used strategy for enhancing home security and rekeying is a cost-effective option. It involves opening the lock, removing the original pins and springs, and replacing them with new springs and pins of varying lengths that correspond to the teeth of your new keys. This means that old keys can no longer lock or unlock the door.


Door Lock Installation / Replacement


Some of our clients buy locks online and rent professional locksmiths to install them. Dokey Locksmith Services can install different types of locks for your house. We provide home service in Metro Manila and nearby provinces at a cost-effective price without having to pay additional charges. Our technician will provide a lock that is suitable for your house and proceed to discuss service in some areas if our clients have a lock and need our help to install it. No worries, because Dokey Locksmith can Install Different Types of locks


Door Lock Repair

 The doorknob wears out and loosens over time, causing it to malfunction and pose a danger in your home. The most common reason for having a doorknob repaired is a loosening doorknob and the need for an adjustment to tighten the doorknob again but in some areas, house owners have different concerns to have their doorknob repaired, if that's the case we, Dokey Locksmith services can help you

 Dokey Locksmith Services is a highly recommended locksmith service if you have a residential problem. Our residential locksmith specializes in rekeying, duplicating, installing, and repair services.

 Our residential locksmiths can go to your location with just one call on our contact number. We want our clients to keep you and your loved ones safe by providing you with a service for your home security, and our services also go far beyond getting you back inside just in case you lock yourself out of your house. Regardless of what residential service you need, Dokey Locksmith Services professionals are here to help.