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Need Safe Vault Specialist Services?

by Alyan Hussain on Apr 10, 2022

Need Safe Vault Specialist Services? Dokey Locksmith Services

Keeping essential documents, cash, and other precious objects in a Safe Vault is a good idea in the event of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster, but what happens when you can't open the safe to get to those important items?


Despite the different varieties of modern safe locking mechanisms available, such as electronic keypads and biometric fingerprint readers, traditional combination locks remain a popular way to secure cash and valuables. They are effective and tough to break, but precisely because they are effective, attempting to unlock a safe when the combination has been forgotten or is no longer working may be difficult and time-consuming.



Cracking a safe appears to be as simple as putting your ear to it and slowly turning the dial in the movies. Best wishes with this method! In reality, if you have forgotten the combination or are unable to access the safe due to technical difficulties, it is best to contact a qualified locksmith to avoid breaking the lock and making it more difficult to open or repair. A competent locksmith can utilize a variety of methods to solve the problem and open the safe. Learn why a safe may not open and how a locksmith can overcome these challenges.


Why Is the Combination Safe Is Not Opening? 

It can be unpleasant for a homeowner or business management to have trouble unlocking a combination safe but don't panic or take excessive tactics that could harm the lock mechanism. The first step toward opening the safe is identifying the problem.


Forgotten Combination

Take a break if you simply can't remember the safe combination. Although it may appear to be useless advice, if you redirect your focus to another work for a short period of time, the thing you are attempting to recall may suddenly return. You should also check with everyone who has access to the safe to ensure that the combination has not been altered.


When you've confirmed that the combination hasn't been changed since it was acquired, there may be an easy solution to the problem. Find the serial number, which is normally on the safe's side or back panel, and contact the manufacturer. They will almost certainly be able to recover the combination for you.


If this is not an option, a skilled locksmith should be able to modify the lock. We associate this technique with safe breaking because of Hollywood movies. A locksmith can identify the correct combination to open a safe by listening for specific sounds and feeling the vibrations that a dial creates when it is rotated. This is the best technique to tackle the problem because it does not compromise the safe's integrity and can usually be accomplished in less than an hour.


Safe Not Opening With the Correct Combination

If you know the combination you're using to enter the safe is accurate, but the door won't open, it could be a problem with the lever or hinges rather than the locking mechanism. Prying the door open is frequently the first approach used to open the safe. Applying lubricant to the hinges may boost your chances of success when you apply pressure to push the door and bolt work out of the safe's frame.


This is often the least successful method of opening a combination safe and should be used with caution due to the significant danger of permanently destroying the safe.


Combination Dial Loose or Not Rotating Completely

When a dial appears to be stuck on a specific number or stops rotating entirely, it is an indication of a more significant problem with the lock. Check with the manufacturer before taking any additional steps. If the product is still under warranty, the manufacturer may be able to send a specialist out to troubleshoot the issue at no additional expense.


If the safe is no longer under warranty, the next step should be to contact a locksmith. The internal elements of the lock have most likely broken or worn out to the point where they have blocked the dial or the dial has totally separated from the mechanical gears.


How Can Locksmith Open the Safe?

It may appear hard to open a locked safe, but locksmiths have a few instruments at their disposal that they can use to diagnose the situation, remove the lock and fix it, or, at the absolute least, allow the owner access and retrieval of the contents.



Although experienced locksmiths rarely do so, it is possible to cut a locked safe open. They just cut into the safe with a flame or a saw. This procedure is clumsy, noisy, and sluggish, and it damages the safe. Depending on the material used to build the safe, numerous sets of saw blades may be required as they dull.



A small hole can be drilled into the safe to allow the locksmith to insert a small instrument and examine how to open the lock. Many manufacturers now outfit safes with complex inside technology, which can make the procedure more difficult, but it is often the preferred technique due to the relative speed of the operation and the minor repairs required to make the safe useable again.



A locksmith puts a borescope into a small hole in the safe to get an idea of how to open the lock. When additional security measures, such as glass re-lockers or manipulation-proof mechanical locks, are available, this is an effective and relatively inexpensive approach to use.


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