Automotive Locksmith Services

Dokey Locksmith Servicesemploys people that are skilled and trained in the field of automobiles. On the spot, our trained technicians can unlockfabricate, and program a key for your vehicle. We can usually disable all other  missing keys from your vehicle's immobilizer system in most circumstances. We have a large number of keyless Remotes in stock.

Automobile and Car Locksmith Services - Onhike

Our Automotive Locksmith Services include:

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  • Car Lockout
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Jammed Key in Ignition
  • Ignition Switch Repair
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Car Lock Replacement
  • Broken Car Key Removal
  • Motorcycle Lock Repair
  • Car Trunk Lockout Solutions
  • Car Key Duplication
  • Car Duplication
  • Transponder/Immobilizer Key
  • Lost Key

What can an Auto Locksmith do?

The primary service provided by auto locksmiths is simply unlocking a vehicle. They can, however, remove broken keys, duplicate or replace keys, and sometimes replace entire locks and ignition switches.

Duplicating Keys

Auto locksmiths work with two different types of car keys. The first are car keys that are not linked to a fob or an electrical component. These are fairly simple to make and are not differ to obtaining a duplicate house key from a typical residential locksmith.

When it comes to car keys that are attached to a fob, things get a little more complicated. Many of these keys are also transponder keys, which means they have a chip that is unique to that vehicle.

The car will not start unless the ignition reads the code stored in the chip. You can have an auto locksmith duplicate just the key portion of the key fob; however, if it's a transponder key, it's a little more complicated.

Unlocking Cars

They use a variety of tactics to break into cars, all of which differ depending on the type of vehicle and the type of lock system used.

  • For older cars, the most common tactic used is called "jimmying." To jimmy something is to force it open. If you lock yourself out, you can jimmy a window and climb inside your house. This involves taking a slim jim — or thin piece of metal — and sliding it between the window and the weather stripping on a car door to access the lock.
  • The auto locksmith reprograms the code (typically using a VATS passcode detector or the like) to get access to a vehicle that does not have a car lock and instead relies on "keyless remotes."

Removing Broken Keys

Natural wear or a quick wrong turn might cause car keys to snap off. It's not a common event, but it happens frequently enough to require specialized services. Though it's usually not your fault if a key breaks in the lock, it can be quite difficult to remove, resulting of you won't be able to start your vehicle if the key is damaged.

When a key snaps in a door or ignition, the grooves of the slender part of the key are frequently exposed. To attach to these fissures and remove the key, auto locksmiths use both key extraction kits and key extraction tools.

  • A kit includes a standard extraction tool as well as some additional benefits. A key extraction tool is a little, thin metal item with two small hooks on the end that connect to the key. To grab both sides of the key, thin plier-like tools are sometimes utilized.